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High Speed Roll Feeder

The High-Speed Roll Feeder Machine is a mechanical roller feeder machine that is designed to provide high-speed production for metal stamping lines. It is ideal for use in a variety of production lines, such as saw blade stamping lines, eyelet stamping lines, metal button stamping lines, and terminal stamping lines.
High Speed Roll Feeder

Applicable Material


Raw Material Type: Hot-Rolled Metal steel, Cold-Rolled Metal steel, Galvanized Metal steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Applications: High speed stamping line

Applicable Coil Width: 20mm-400mm

Applicable Coil Thickness: 0.1-3.5mm

Releasing Type: Mechanical

High precision: +/-0.1mm


Work Speed: 20m/min

Brief Profile of High Speed Roll Feeder

The high speed roller feeder machine operates through a set of rollers that pull the metal strip through the feeder system. As the metal strip is pulled through the rollers, it is accurately fed into the press or punching machine for further processing.

The High-Speed Roll Feeder Machine is capable of providing high-speed production rates, making it ideal for use in large volume manufacturing environments. It can also handle a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

The machine is designed with high precision and accuracy, ensuring that the metal strip is fed accurately and consistently into the punching machine. This helps to minimize errors and reduce waste, resulting in high-quality finished products.

Overall, the High-Speed Roll Feeder Machine is a reliable and versatile machine that offers high-speed production rates and accurate feeding for a wide range of metal stamping and punching applications.

Features of High Speed Roll Feeder

1. High precision: +/-0.1mm

2. High speed: 600SPM

3. Suitable for material thickness: 0-3.5 mm.

4. Suitable for all kinds of metal coil automatic feeding, easy to operate.

5. No power, High quality, lowest maintenance.

6. Easy operation, safe and high stability.

7. We can customize the machine.

8. Our High Speed Roller Feeder Machine widely used to LED, automobile industry, appliances manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, hardware & Metal parts etc industry.

Specification of High Speed Roll Feeder

ModelMax. Coil Width (mm)Max. Feeding Length (mm)Max. Coil Thickness (mm)Mould Line Height (mm)

Video of High Speed Roll Feeder