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H Frame High Speed Press Machine

H Frame high speed press machine is a high precision and stable stamping press, it can save materials and energy, more high efficiency than traditional mechanical press machine. The high speed press machine speed can reach 200-1000SPM. Precision is better than +/-0.01mm. And the capacity are 25 Ton, 45Ton, 65Ton, 85Ton, 125ton, 220ton and 300ton. The high speed press machine is suitable for motor & electrical appliance manufacturing, such as terminal, stator, rotor, button, eyelet etc metal parts high speed pressing, and it’s widely used to LED, automobile industry, appliances manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, hardware & Metal part industry and so on.
H Frame High Speed Press Machine

Applicable Material


Material Type: Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Silicion Steel etc.

Material Thickness: 0.1-2.0 mm

Coil Width: 20-400mm

Speed: 200-900SPM

Suitable for Motor and EI lamination stamping line and terminal stamping line

Brief Profile of H Frame High Speed Press Machine

The H-frame high-speed press machine is a type of industrial press used for metal stamping and forming operations. The H-frame design features a double-column structure that provides excellent stability and rigidity during high-speed operation.

This type of press is primarily used for the production of EI laminations and motor stator and rotor plates, as well as other metal stamping applications. It can accommodate a variety of materials, including silicon steel sheets, stainless steel, and aluminum.

During operation, a press tool, also known as a die, is used to shape the parts from the inserted sheet metal. The machine's ram then pushes the sheet metal through the die, creating the required shape. The press is designed for high-speed processing, allowing for rapid production of parts in large quantities.

The H-frame high-speed press offers several advantages over other types of industrial presses, including:

1. Stability and precision: The double-column structure of the H-frame press provides excellent stability and precision during operation, ensuring that parts are produced with high accuracy and consistency.

2. High-speed operation: The press is specifically designed for high-speed operation, allowing for fast and efficient manufacturing of stamped metal parts.

3. Durability: The H-frame design is durable and reliable, making it suitable for use in demanding manufacturing environments.

4. Versatility: The press can handle a range of materials and applications, making it a versatile machine for metalworking operations.

In summary, the H-frame high-speed press machine is a robust and versatile industrial press that is ideal for mass production of stamped metal parts. Its unique design and high-speed capabilities make it an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their metal stamping operations.

Application of H Frame High Speed Press Machine

H Frame High Speed Press Machine with Spheroidal graphite casting structure with high rigidity, four pieces of guide pillars and alloy copper sleeve design.

H Frame Press machine is suitable for various fields, eyelet, metal button, motor, connector, computer, mobile phone,LED, car, nonstandard metal parts and so on.

The configuration of High speed press line for making LED parts.

H Frame High Speed Press Machine

Step-1: Flat Decoiler Machine, Loading coil and uncoilling coil.
Step-2: High speed feeder machine, Feed coil to press machine.
Step-3: High speed press machine with the moulds, pressing to the end product.

H Frame High Speed Press Machine

The configuration of high speed press line for Motor and EI lamination

H Frame High Speed Press Machine

Step-1: Double Head Decoiler machine, Loading coil and uncoilling coil.

Step-2: High speed S Loop Straightener machine, leveling the strips.

Step-3: High speed Cam Feeder machine, Feed coil to press machine.

Step-4: High speed press machine with the moulds, pressing to the end product.

H Frame High Speed Press Machine

Features of H Frame High Speed Press Machine

● The main parts of the equipment, such as eccentric shaft, adjusting screw, guiding shaft and so on, all have high wear resistance in grinding after hardening heat treatment, and long-term stable performance ensures the high precision and stability requirements.

● Welded steel plates and gantry-type cabinet are adopted for the machine body, which is marked with high rigidity and extremely small deformation. In the case of high-speed stamping and feeding, the machine body remains steady and keeps vibration minimal, ensuring the long-term precision of the machine tool.

● The main transmission mechanism has frequency conversion for speed variation, and ensures steady movement.

● High-precision and large-capacity rolling bearing is adopted for the main shaft, ensuring the transmission precision and reducing the total clearance and heat impact.

● High Speed Precision Press Hydraulic overload protection device is adopted, and is highly sensitive and reliable in operation. It enables automatic return to the original position after overload, reduces the machine stop time, thus enhancing the efficiency.

● High Speed Precision Press Forced thin oil lubrication system is adopted for the machine in complete set to ensure complete lubrication for the machine as a whole.

● Electronic cam controller is adopted. The system consists of a rotative transformer and a controller. It achieves real-time monitoring and dynamic tracing of the crankshaft position and automatic calculation by means of the rotative transformer so that the slide block can stop at the top stop.

● Adopt dynamic balance device to reduce vibration, it can achieve best precision and stability.

● Safety duplex valve is adopted, and is marked with quick response in high accuracy, ensuring the reliable control of the clutch.

● All presses are equipped with oil pressure locking device, with manual or electric die adjustment,it’s convenient to adjust the die height.

● High Speed Precision Press is equipped with a forced cooling system to ensure long-term constant temperature operation.

● Reliable and safe operation performance, easy operation and accurate positioning is different from the traditional brake, clutch/brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with high-end equipment common double electromagnetic control valve and overload protection device, to ensure the precision and safety of high-speed movement and stop of the punch slider.

Specification of H Frame High Speed Press Machine

Stroke of slide25mm30mm40mm25mm30mm40mm30mm40mm50mm30mm40mm50mm
Area of slide(mm)630mm x 330mm730mmx380mm900x4501100x650
Slide adjustment(mm)40mm40mm50mm50mm
Bed opening(mm)100x 500120x550125x650850x150
Machine weight(kg)5200kg8516kg16080kg19000kg
Lubrication systemForceful Automation & oil cooler
Variable speed systemInverter
Clutch and BrakeAir clutch,Friction brake
Vibration reductionMechanical Mounting or Pneumatic Mounting

Video of H Frame High Speed Press Machine




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