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After Sales Service

SunRui services will significantly reduce installation time and therefore cost, by providing a smooth transition from delivery to start-up because we prioritise efficiency, quality and safety. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service in the shortest timeframe in order to meet or exceed your requirements.

SunRui provides complete machine installation services for Press Automation Equipment!

Complete service solution 

Our personnel are trained and equipped for on-site fabrications, and safe work practices. 

SunRui installation services provides a complete service solution for all users of press automation equipment. Focused on delivering optimal performance and efficiency, we ensure that the correct installation of equipment will reduce overall cost. 

Quality installation services 

To deliver the best machine installation service our qualified service technicians will offload, inspect, assemble, and commission your machine. SunRui sub-contracted local electrical crews guarantee that all applicable electrical safety codes are met. And our professional engineers are trained and certified to make certain your system is assembled as per our specifications and qualify for warranty protection. 

SunRui engineer will direct the install of your new purchase and guide your production crew to a successful start-up.  

Training Services

To help you master the installation and operation of your equipment, SunRui engineer will train your operators how to set up your machine and optimise performance levels for your process.

Key troubleshooting tips that keep your machines in prime condition to minimise downtime, minimise maintenance, and prevent future problems.

  • How to optimise performance levels to maintain consistent quality and minimise waste

  • The latest legislation and how to keep the machine safe  

Continued support 

SunRui is dedicated to protect your investment in press automation equipment. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and care after equipment installations. Our services extend beyond installation and include aftermarket services provided by SunRui. 

After Sales Service   After Sales Service