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Coil Press Blanking Line

A Coil Press blanking line is a process where square, round or rectangular parts are mechanically or hydraulically pressed or stamped out of a coil. A Press blanking is sometimes also referred to as a flat sheet of material cut to a very precise length and corner-to-corner tolerance. Its main purpose is to obtain better dimensional accuracy, but secondary purposes include squaring the edge and smoothing the edge. Blanked parts can be shaved to a high accuracy.
Coil Press Blanking Line

Applicable material


Material Type: Cold rolled plate, Hot rolled pickling plate, High strength cold rolled plate, Galvanized plate, High strength hot rolled plate etc.

Material Thickness: 0.8-3.6mm

Coil Width: 200-1800mm

Yield strength: 245-980 N/mm2

Tensile Strength: 392-1180 N/mm2

Coil inner diameter: Φ610mm

Coil outer diameter: Φ1200-Φ1800mm

Loading weight: 20000KG


Coil line configuration

Compact Coil Feed line MFL4-GF/MFL5

Stamping Press Machine

Coil Press Blanking Line Is For Automative Stamping Parts

Usually The coil blanking lines are commonly used in the automotive industry, the blanking line is composed by a coil feeding line,a press and a stacking system entrusted with the sheet stacking and the successive distribution to the various forming presses installed in the factory. The coil press blanking is the basic equipment of every large press factory. However, the use of blanking lines can also be profitable for smaller mills.  

By separating the cutting and forming processes, you can create more room in your forming press for other processes, or you can reduce the force of the forming press.  Due to optimal material utilization, you can also minimize your material requirements while greatly increasing the flexibility of the production process.  At the same time, the high output capacity of our blanking line enables you to operate multiple molding processes simultaneously.  Cost savings are even possible if you can cut your blanks in your own shop, eliminating the need to buy extra blanks.  

Main Machines For Coil Press Blanking Line

Compact Coil Feed Line

Compact Coil Feed Line

This compact coil feed line is not only a simple combination of uncoiler, straightener, and feeder into 1 part, but also highly integrated control in operations. The hydraulic station, coil car, uncoiling motor, spindle and inverter, straightener part, servo feeder motor are connected with the PLC modular system and controlled by one touch screen, which is quite convenient for operators.

The main parts of compact coil feed line is as belows:

1. Coil Car

2. Decoiler Machine

3. Coil Threading Support

4. Straightener Feeder

Tail Feed device

Tail Feed device

There is a tail feeding device at the end of the feeder outlet. When the tail reaches the main servo feeding device, the control system controls the roller closure of the micro feeder, the front end of the feeder roller is opened, and the tail feeding roller is sent into the mold production.

The tail feeding device has the electric telescopic function. When extended, it can be close to the edge of the die to maximize the utilization of the coil strip, and when retracted, it can reach the outer edge of the working table plate.

Stamping Press with Mould

Stamping Press with Mould

1. Usually the Stamping Press machine and progressive die is provided by customer.

2. The tonnge capacity of press machine: 800-4000ton

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

1. Made of roller or rubber belt accoding to the products.

2. Transfer the cutting length parts to the Stacker System.

3. Width can be customized according to the open size of the press machine and the size of Max. finished parts.

4. One end of conveyor belt is fixed, and the height of the upper surface of the belt at the other end can be adjusted within ±200, the height is also customized accroding to the center height of the whole line.

Stack System

Stack System

1. Used to automaticaly stacking the cutting products,Combined with lifting platform and trolley, it can also transport neat stacking and chopping steel plates to the packaging area.

2. The device is equipped with feeding device and automatic beating mechanism, which plays a good protective role on the surface of steel plates. In addition, the device has the length and width limit, automatic plate, automatic lifting and other functions.

3. When the sheared products are transferred to the automatic stacking device, they can be automatically stacked into a neat stack and then transported off to the next station .

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