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Pre-Sales Service

SUNRUI machine offers one stop solution to solve the problem of feeding coil strips into the press so well, and increase production so substantially.

What kinds of Pre-sales Service should be SunRui provided?

SUNRUI machine insist that pre-sales determines what sort of coil solution is the most logical way forward to meet customer needs. Pre-Sales is also the expert guide in helping customers identify and utilize their requirements to get the best solution.

What kinds of Pre-sales Service should be SU provided?

Frankly speaking, Pre-sales Service is divided into two stages. The first stage is about communicating with customers about the requirements and feasibility of the project. The second stage is about providing professional and highly cost effective solutions according to customers' requirements.  

1. Free Technical Consultant

Provide a full range of consulting services before purchasing, to let the customers know what they need.

Firstly, the technical consulting service is for free to all of our customers. So warmly welcome to inquiry about the metal sheet stamping line, our sales and engineers will be happy to provide the most coil solutions for you.

2. Professional And Customized Solutions

A professional and cost effective solution helps find the most optimization coil feeding line for your application!

Why you current machine can not be meeting your needs?

Operational and process issues

1. You are treating a different product or the original product has been altered

2. Your factory space is not enough

3. Your manufacturing method has changed

4. Machine reliability has reduced

5. You are unable to meet output demands

6. You are aware that advances in technology could enable your process to be faster, cheaper or better.

What can Sunrui do for you according to current problems?

Improved Performance

In recent years, with the development of automotive business and 5G business, a lot of high tension products and small precision products appear, then it requires an updated on production line, Sunrui can help you to deal with those issues and figure out how to upgrade coil feed line for your application.

Space saving

With the development of the economy, the upgrading of products in all industries, the increasing rent of the factory, so the need for each factory director to reasonably plan the utilization rate of factory space, usually the conventional coil feeding line may need more than 10m length space or it need to dig a pit for loop, then the compact coil feed line which is designed for space saving provided by Sunrui will help customer to deal with those issues.

Cost Saving

An equipment upgrade from SUNRUI will enable you to completely modernise your current coil feed equipment, giving you all the advantages of a new machine at a lower cost.As all equipment upgrades are customized to meet your individual needs.

New Function

With the development of economy, technology update, equipment performance will be better and better,some of new function can be added in the new production line to improve efficiency and output capacity, Sunrui machine can help customer to find the best solutions for your applications!

Safety Upgrade

Safety services to improve manufacturing processes to protect valuable assets and improve worker safety.

Safety gates and Photoelectric hand are a legal requirement in many countries and Sunrui recommends that you have them installed for operator safety.

Pre-Sales Service Pre-Sales Service