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Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine is a large industrial press used for heavy-duty metal forming and punching operations. This type of press is known for its straight-sided frame, with a single crank mechanism that powers the ram to perform metal forming and stamping operations on different materials.
Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

Applicable Material

Material Type: Suitable for vary kind of coil material, such as Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Cooper etc.

Capacity: 200ton to 600ton

PLC control.

Dry clutch or Wet clutch for optional.

Hydraulic overload protected.

Both mechanical and electric cam control.

Auto lubricated.

Customized bigger table better for big sheet stamping or progressive die stamping process.

Light curtain, inverter, air cushion are optional.

Brief Profile of Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

Straight Side Single Crank Press Machines are commonly used in metalworking industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, and construction sectors. They are designed to be highly versatile and can handle different shapes, sizes, and materials, including metals, plastics, and rubber.

The Single Crank Press Machine uses a single crank mechanism to drive the ram's vertical motion, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability during operation. The machines feature a high-performance motor, which provides the power needed for heavy-duty metal stamping and forming operations. They are highly customizable, featuring adjustable stroke length and speed controls, making them suitable for different production environments.

In addition to its high-performance capabilities, the Single Crank Press Machine is equipped with several safety features, such as emergency stop switches, overload protection, and light curtains to ensure operator safety during operation.

Overall, the Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine is a reliable and highly versatile equipment used for metal forming and punching operations. Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, it is an ideal choice for organizations looking to improve their metalworking operations efficiently and effectively.

Application of Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

Straight side single crank press machine is suitable for all kinds of metal sheet stamping, including the hardware parts, home appliances, furniture hardware, motorcycle accessories, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories and so on.

The configuration of metal sheet stamping line.


Step-1: Compact Straightener feeder machine, Loading coil and uncoilling coil strips and level and feed the strips into press machine.

Step-2: Power press machine with the progressive die, pressing to the end product.

Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

Features of Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

● Steel welded body, tempering treatment, high rigidity, accuracy and stability, low integrated clearance, small changing in mold height.

● Small deviation of dynamic center, the mold life in large scale, small transfiguration for press.

● The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching.

● The transmission gear is spur gear, the tooth surface is quenched and heat treated by medium frequency, with high transmission accuracy, high meshing accuracy, smooth transmission, large bearing capacity, strong gear strength, low noise and other advantages. Ensure reliable lubrication.

● Synchronous transmission system is a set of gear system connected by the main gear, to ensure the synchronous transmission machine drive shaft operation and slider movement synchronization, so as to ensure the synchronization of control signal and slider movement.

● The slide block adopts super-long eight-side guide rail with high guiding accuracy and good wear resistance. The gap of guide rail can be adjusted by push-pull bolt. The slide block guide board is made of copper-nickel alloy.

● The slider is equipped with hydraulic overload protection device, gas-liquid type, overload response will be generated when the rated tonnage is about 5%, and the slider will automatically stop when the alarm is given. After overload, the pressure recovery time is less than 3 minutes, and the manual unloading knob is set.

● The structure is strong enough to support the weight of the machine and the vibration generated by the punch press.

● High precision processing, high efficiency operation, machine to ensure products of high quality.

● Facilitate the operation of implementation, fixed locking type six-surface guide way, cutting low-noise, safe and reliable operating state.

Specification of Straight Side Single Crank Press Machine

V TypeH TypeV TypeH TypeV TypeH TypeV TypeH TypeV TypeV Type
Rated Tonnage pointmm6373.573.584810
 Stroke per minuteVariable speeds.p.m20-5050-7020-4040-5020-4040-5020-3535-4520-3015-25
Fixed speeds.p.m353030302520
Die Heightmm450500550550550550
Slide Adjustmentmm110120120120150150
Bolster Areamm1000x7001100x7001100x8001300x9001400x9001400x1000
 Slide Areamm1200x800x1701250x900x1801300x900x2001400x1000x2201500x1100x2301600x1100x240
Shank Holemm∅65∅65∅65∅65∅65∅65
Main Motorkwxp18.5x422x430x437x445x455x4
Slide adjustment motorHPxP0.75x41.5x41.5x42.2x42.2x43.7x4
Air pessurekg/cm²666666




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