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Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

The double head hydraulic decoiler is an option that customers can choose to replace the standard Single head decoiler. This enables customers to always have a spare steel coil loaded on the decoiler which drastically reduces the change over time of coils. This means a big reduction in down time between coil changes for increased production output.
Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

Applicable Material

Raw Material Type: Suitable for vary kind of coil material, such as Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Cooper etc.

Applicable Coil Width: 20mm-800mm

Applicable Coil Thickness: 0.3-3.5mm

Coil Inner Diameter: 450-530mm

Coil Outer Diameter: 1200mm

Max. Loading weight: 6 tons

Speed: 0-60m/min

Pressing arm and coil car for optional 

Applications: Pressing Line/ Metal Stamping Line/ Forming Line

Brief Profile of Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

A double head hydraulic decoiler is a type of hydraulic decoiler machine that is designed with two mandrels, allowing for two steel coils to be loaded and uncoiled simultaneously. The double head hydraulic decoiler is an upgrade option that customers can choose instead of a standard single head decoiler.

With two mandrels, operators can have one steel coil loaded and ready to use while the other is in the process of being uncoiled. This reduces downtime between coil changes, thereby increasing production output. The coil is transported using a coil car to the expansion and contraction part of the main shaft of the decoiler mandrel while the supporting platform provides additional support for the inner diameter of the coil.

In automatic operation, the main shaft rotates intermittently through the control instructions of the material ring, and the double head uncoiler carries two groups of the uncoiler expansion mechanism on the same uncoiler frame that can be rotated together and switched over. In production, two sides of the coil expansion mechanism are respectively used for automatic uncoiling and uncoiling stand-by preparation. When one side of the coil is used up, the system can facilitate fast refueling to minimize production downtime.

Overall, the double head hydraulic decoiler provides an efficient and reliable solution for large-scale manufacturing operations, allowing for continuous steel coil uncoiling without unnecessary interruptions.

Fetures of Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

●  The hydraulic decoiler machine has stable construction for long time uselife.

●  The expansion is hydraulic type which can easy to load the heavy coils.

●  Pressure arm and coil coil is optional according to customer’s requirements.

●  Can loading the weight up to 6 tons

●  The uncoiling speed can reach up to 60m/min according to customer’s requirements.

●  The decoiler head can be automatically rotate by pressing the metal button.

●  Drastically reduces the change time of coils.

Specification of Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler Machine

Max.Coil Width200 mm300 mm400 mm500 mm600mm700mm800 mm
Coil Thickness0.1-3.2 mm
Coil I.D.470-520 mm
Coil O.D.1200 mm
Coil Weight1ton Per side2ton Per side2ton Per side2ton Per side3ton Per side5ton Per side5ton Per side
ExpansionHydraulic Expanion
Pressing ArmWith

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