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High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

The GCF mechanical CAM drive feeder machine is an ideal solution for powder coating, electrical lamination stamping, silicon steel for stator and rotor, and EI lamination. With an impressive feeding speed of up to 500 SPM, this feeder can handle silicon steel sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm to 1.6mm.
High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

Applicable Material

Raw Material Type: Hot-Rolled Metal steel, Cold-Rolled Metal steel, Galvanized Metal steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Applications: High speed stamping line

Applicable Coil Width: 20mm-400mm

Applicable Coil Thickness: 0.1-3.5mm

Releasing Type: Mechanical

High precision: +/-0.1mm

Work Speed: 20m/min

Brief Profile of High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

Equipped with a high-speed press machine, the GCF mechanical CAM drive feeder machine is capable of efficiently processing large volumes of materials with precision and accuracy. The machine is designed with advanced features that ensure reliable and consistent feeding, making it a highly reliable solution for modern manufacturing environments.

One of the key benefits of the GCF mechanical CAM drive feeder machine is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of materials, and its robust construction ensures optimal performance even under challenging operating conditions. Additionally, the machine is user-friendly and can be easily adjusted to suit specific production requirements.

The GCF mechanical CAM drive feeder machine is also equipped with advanced control systems, allowing operators to adjust feeding speed, length, and quantity. This provides greater flexibility and optimizes performance for different materials and production processes.

Overall, the GCF mechanical CAM drive feeder machine is a highly efficient and reliable feeding solution that can help enhance productivity and reduce material waste in modern manufacturing processes. With its versatility, precision, and user-friendly features, this feeder is a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their manufacturing capabilities.

Application of High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

This high speed coil feeding line combined double head decoiler, s-loop straightener, and cam feeder, speed can reach 60m per minute, design for motor and EI lamination stamping.

The configuration of high speed press line for Motor and EI lamination

Step-1: Double Head Decoiler machine, Loading coil and uncoilling coil. 

Step-2: High speed S Loop Straightener machine, leveling the strips.

Step-3: High speed Cam Feeder machine, Feed coil to press machine.

Step-4: High speed press machine with the moulds, pressing to the end product

High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

Specification of High Speed Cam Drive Feeder

Coil Width (mm)~150~200~300
Coil Thickness (mm)0.1 - 1.6
Index No.4
Feeding Length (mm)11.5 - 245 mm
Feeding SpeedMax. 500 SPM
Feeding Angle180
Release AngleAdjustable
Installation PositionLeft side of Press
Feeding DirectionLeft → Right




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