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Enhancing Efficiency with SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines For Stamping parts of New energy vehicles

SUNRUI Coil feed lines are capable of accommodating coils that are as wide as 1600mm and weigh up to 15 tons. This makes a significant impact in reducing downtime during coil replacements… If you are facing a stamping challenge, please feel free to get in touch with SUNRUI MACHINE. Together, we can provide you with a reliable solution.

New energy vehicles Rapid development

The rapid advancement of new energy vehicle technology has presented novel demands and complexities for the stamping processes and technologies. The symbiotic relationship between new energy vehicles and stamping can be concisely summarized as follows:

Lightweight requirements: 

New energy vehicles concentrate on optimizing energy utilization efficiency and driving range, thus prioritizing lightweight design. Stamping technology, through the utilization of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy materials, as well as composite materials, can achieve lightweighting of the vehicle body and components. By doing so, the overall vehicle weight is reduced, thereby augmenting energy efficiency.

Energy density requirements: 

The batteries utilized in new energy vehicles necessitate high energy density and swift charging capabilities. Stamping processes have the potential to optimize the structure and design of battery casings, thereby augmenting battery capacity and efficiency. This, in turn, meets the demand for high energy density batteries in new energy vehicles.

Complex-shaped component requirements: 

The design of new energy vehicles often involves intricate components, such as battery housings and motor casings. Stamping technology, with its ability to achieve high-precision and efficient metal forming, meets the manufacturing requirements of these complex-shaped components.

Mass production capability: 

As the new energy vehicle market expands, stamping processes face heightened production capacity demands. Stamping processes possess inherent characteristics of high efficiency and speed, thus meeting the large-scale production needs of new energy vehicles while ensuring product quality stability and consistency.

Intelligent manufacturing requirements: 

As the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry transitions towards intelligentization, stamping processes need to integrate with intelligent manufacturing technologies. Automation, robotics, and data analysis are intelligent manufacturing technologies that can be applied to the stamping process, improving production efficiency, quality control, and process optimization.

In summary, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has necessitated heightened requirements for stamping processes. The lightweighting capability, high-precision forming capability, mass production capability, and intelligent manufacturing capability of stamping technology serve as crucial pillars supporting the manufacturing of new energy vehicles. Furthermore, they promote the further development of the new energy vehicle industry.

SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines

In the realm of manufacturing, optimizing productivity and reducing downtime stands as paramount for maintaining a competitive edge. SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines provide a steadfast solution, enabling the accommodation of wide coils weighing up to 15 tons.

SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines represent cutting-edge equipment meticulously designed to streamline and optimize coil processing in manufacturing industries. These feed lines encompass several pivotal components that harmoniously collaborate to ensure seamless and efficient feeding of coils.

Coil Car:

The coil car facilitates the secure and efficient transportation of coils from the storage area to the decoiler. Equipped with advanced lifting and positioning mechanisms, the coil car enables effortless and precise placement of the coil onto the decoiler mandrel. The coil car adeptly handles coils as wide as 1600mm, accommodating an extensive range of coil sizes and materials.


The decoiler assumes the mantle of the first component of the feed line, bearing the responsibility of unwinding and straightening the coil. Boasting robust construction and meticulous tension control mechanisms, the decoiler ensures that the coil is unwound without any deformation, guaranteeing smoothness. The decoiler exhibits the capacity to handle coils weighing up to 15 tons, rendering it suitable for heavy-duty applications.


The straightener represents an indispensable component that engenders perfect flatness and freedom from distortions in the coil material before further processing. Comprising an array of precision rollers, the straightener applies the precise amount of pressure necessary to eradicate any waviness or curvature from the coil. The straightener can be finetuned to achieve the desired flatness, ensuring accurate and consistent material feeding.


The feeder bears the onus of the controlled and precise feeding of the coil material into the stamping or forming machine. Harnessing advanced servo-driven technology, the feeder guarantees exact feeding lengths and speeds. Equipped with sensors and automated features, the feeder seamlessly integrates with the rest of the production line, obviating the need for manual intervention.

Control System:

The control system stands as the cerebral hub behind the operation of the coil feed line. It harmonizes user-friendly interfaces, advanced software, and automation capabilities to monitor and govern the entire process. The control system empowers operators to adjust parameters, monitor performance, and receive real-time data, all to optimize efficiency and productivity. Moreover, it incorporates safety features to safeguard operators and equipment.

Enhancing Efficiency with SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines For Stamping parts of New energy vehicles  Enhancing Efficiency with SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines For Stamping parts of New energy vehicles

SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines epitomize durability, reliability, and efficiency. These feed lines are engineered to withstand the demands of high-intensity manufacturing environments and are equipped with advanced features that streamline operations and minimize downtime. With the capacity to handle wide coils weighing up to 15 tons, these feed lines offer a robust and versatile solution for various coil processing applications.

Why Recommed SUNRUI Coil Feed Line?

This article delves into the advantages of these feed lines and elucidates how they can contribute to the streamlining of operations.

Enhancing Efficiency with SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines For Stamping parts of New energy vehicles

Efficiency through Enhanced Capacity:

One of the salient features of SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines lies in their ability to accommodate coils as wide as 1600mm. This expansive capacity engenders heightened productivity, as larger coils can be processed without the need for frequent replacements. By diminishing downtime associated with coil changes, manufacturers can maximize their production output and fulfill demanding deadlines more efficiently.

Reduced Downtime, Increased Profits:

The capability of SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines to handle heavy coils up to 15 tons confers a substantial advantage in curtailing downtime during coil replacements. In the past, the process of replacing coils proved time-consuming and necessitated additional resources. However, with SUNRUI's robust feed lines, manufacturers can minimize this disruption and ensure the seamless operation of lines. By reducing downtime, businesses can augment their profitability by maximizing output and fulfilling customer demands more effectively.

Versatile Solutions for Stamping Challenges:

SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines not only bolster efficiency but also proffer versatile solutions for an array of stamping challenges. Whether it concerns precision cutting, blanking, or forming, these feed lines furnish reliable and accurate feeding of coil material. This versatility empowers manufacturers to adapt to diverse production requirements and expand their capabilities, catering to a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Collaborative Approach:

At SUNRUI, we recognize that each manufacturing challenge possesses a unique nature. We wholeheartedly encourage businesses grappling with stamping challenges to seek our personalized support. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can collaborate to provide steadfast solutions tailored to specific requirements. Our collaborative approach ensures that our customers receive the most efficient and effective solutions, thereby enhancing productivity and profitability.


SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines furnish manufacturers with a reliable and efficient solution for processing wide coils weighing up to 15 tons. By reducing downtime during coil replacements, these feed lines significantly enhance productivity and amplify profitability. Additionally, their versatility in addressing diverse stamping challenges renders SUNRUI the preferred choice for manufacturers seeking enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations. Contact us today to explore how SUNRUI Coil Feed Lines can revolutionize your manufacturing processes.




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