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Coil Feed Line for Servo Presses --- SUNRUI Complete Servo Feedline

A metal stamping manufacturer in the Portugal was experiencing issues with productivity due to their outdated coil feed line. The existed machines were unreliable, leading to interrupted production and inconsistent output quality. With increased demand for their stamped parts, they knew they needed to upgrade their coil feed equipment to meet the growing demand and improve output.
Coil Feed Line for Servo Presses --- SUNRUI Complete Servo Feedline

The manufacturer turned to SUNRUI MACHINE for a coil feed line solution. 

SUNRUI recommended a Complete Servo Feedline system tailored to suit their specific production line needs. 

The Coil Feed Line system was designed to work with their existing presses and could feed coil materials at a higher speed with better accuracy, improving work efficiency and reducing waste.

A New Coil Feed Line (Complete Servo Feedline) for Servo Presses Delivered To Portugal

SUNRUI's Complete Servo Feedline comprised of a decoiler, straightener, servo feeder, and a unique adjustment mechanism to ensure material feeding accuracy. The servo motor system provided better control of the coil feeding speed, resulting in improved productivity and greater consistency of parts. The complete system was highly efficient and reliable. 

The new coil feed line system eliminated the previous downtime and improved the overall production rate, providing the manufacturer with the ability to handle increased orders and ramp up their output. The new coil feed line system also improved the accuracy of the part dimensions, reduced errors associated with manual feed adjustments, and resulted in a reduction of material waste. The manufacturer saw a considerable increase in output quality and improved efficiency, reducing the production cost overall. 

Overall, SUNRUI MACHINE provided a solution that transformed the manufacturer's stamping production line. With the Complete Servo Feedline system, the manufacturer can now handle larger workloads, enjoy higher production capacity, and deliver consistent, high-quality products efficiently. The investment made in the new system was immediately recouped in terms of reduced waste and increased output. It was a wise decision by the manufacturer to rely on SUNRUI MACHINE for this upgrade.

What's Advantage of Coil Feed Line?

A coil feed line is a series of equipment used in the metalworking industry to process metal coils and continuously feed material into a stamping or forming press. The coil feed line is crucial to the metalworking industry, and it comprises a decoiler, straightener, lubrication system, and feeders. The system ensures uninterrupted material flow while maintaining the required material thickness and feed accuracy, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of Coil Feed Line

1. Increased efficiency:
Coil feed lines increase production efficiency by facilitating continuous material flow, improving production speeds and reducing manual intervention.

2. Improved accuracy:
Coil feed lines help achieve high precision and accuracy, resulting in high-quality finished products, better material utilization, and reduced waste.

3. Reduced material waste:
The coil feed line minimizes material waste by precise feeding, reducing the need for material trimming, improving material utilization, and reducing scrap rates.

How To Choose The Suitable Coil Feed Line?

Choosing the suitable coil feed line is essential to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and quality. Several factors to consider when selecting a coil feed line include:

1. Material Type:
The type of material you intend to process should influence your coil feed line's specifications, including its overall configuration, thickness and width capacities, feed rate, and decoiler capacity.

2. Production Volume:
The volume of production determines the size of the coil feed line you require. High-production volumes require larger decoilers and straighteners, while low volumes require smaller equipment.

3. Automation Levels:
Automation can provide significant benefits such as reduced manual intervention, improved control, and precise feeding. Consider the automation features, including feed rate adjustments, speed control, and remote control options.


A coil feed line is an essential component in any metalworking operation. It improves production efficiencies, achieves high precision and accuracy, and reduces material waste. Selecting the appropriate coil feed line requires careful consideration of the material type, volume of production, and automation levels. At SUNRUI, we are committed to providing innovative coil feed line solutions tailored to your specific needs. We welcome inquiries and will be pleased to offer the appropriate guidance and support to select the best coil feed line for your operation.




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