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Full Function Coil Processing Line

High-tensile steel is alloyed with other metals–chromium, molybdenum, manganese, nickel, silicon, and vanadium–to create products with a high yield and outstanding tension resistance and fatigue strength. So it means that the full function coil processing line is higher requirements than any other machines. SunRui can help you to build a new and high performance metal sheet stamping line for your automotive stamping parts.
Full Function Coil Processing Line

Applicable material


Raw Material Type: High Strength Steel, Hot-Rolled Metal steel, Cold-Rolled Metal steel, Galvanized Metal steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Yield Strength: ≤613 N/mm2

Tensile Strength: ≤980 N/mm2

Coil Width: 100-1800 mm

Material Thickness: 0.6-6.0mm/0.8-9.0mm/1.5-12mm

Max. Coil Weight: 25ton

Feed Speed: 20m/min


Coil line configuration

Decoiler straightener machine MFL-GF/MFL-H

Stamping press machine

Progressive(For optional)

Full Function Coil Processing Line Is Working In Customer's Factory

Full Function Coil Processing Line  Full Function Coil Processing Line

Advantages Of Full Function Coil Processing Line

As the latest press room automation equipment in the sheet metal stamping industry, Sunrui MLF series compact coil feed line undoubtedly represent the most advanced automated feeding technology.


It is not complicated to complete the automated feeding of the sheets, and the degree of automation, stability and leveling accuracy of the stamping customers are generally concerned. 


MFL series compact coil feed line also achieves simple operation, simple maintenance, complete functions, energy saving and environmental protection, beautiful appearance, high completeness, etc., and can also meet the high height of various thick plates and high tension plates.


Modular control Easy to operate and maintain


Sunrui MFL4-GF series high tension compact coil feed line is not only a simple integration of 3 parts of machine: decoiling, leveling and feeding, but also emphasizes highly integrated control in control operations.


The control of the hydraulic station, the hydraulic car, the decoiler motor, the main spindle, the (leveling) inverter, the leveling device, and the feeding servo motor are all connected with the PLC control module system of the main control part.


The simple digital control of the 7-inch high-precision touch screen makes the use of the compact coil feed line adjustment machine very simple and convenient, and the degree of intelligence is extremely high. The operation and maintenance personnel can operate without professional training.


Reliable Structure Design and Perfect Combination


1. Coil car with roll device: The material roll can be smoothly moved to the spindle of the uncoiler to realize the automatic feeding process of the material roll.


2. Pressure arm device: Pneumatic pressure arm device, with gear reduction motor, assists material feeding during uncoiling to complete stable unwinding of various thickness coils.


3. Supporting arm: hydraulic pressure arm, convenient for loading, feeding and feeding.


4. Material arc control photoelectric: Two sets of photoelectric control are used for material arc control. When the coil strip enters the first group photoelectric range, the decoiler decelerates and runs. When entering the second group photoelectric range, the decoiler stops, realizing full automatic frequency conversion control.


5. Braking method: The decoiler part adopts the pneumatic disc brake device, which has good braking effect and effectively prevents the coil strips from spreading due to the rotational inertia during braking.


6. The coil inlet feeding device: the use of two sticks to send the hydraulic pressure material structure type, the hydraulic motor through the reducer, drive the upper and lower pinch roller work, the coil head clip into the straightener feeder mainframe.


7. Straightener Roll with back up roller: High strength coil feed line equips with high-quality GCr15 straightening rollers, with hardness reach HRC 60. Combined precision eletrical roller gap adjustment and servo control system, it achieves a high precision straightening performance.To avoid the edges caused by overloaded straightening rolls, SUNRUI implements backup rolls in coil feeding lines, for high strength material or broader or thick thickness coil.The straightener part has frames with backup rolls on the top and bottom. These groups of backup rollers will carry the separating force loads to achieve better straightening performance.

Full Function Coil Processing Line  Full Function Coil Processing Line

8. Electrical straightening adjustment mode: Depends on different coil specification, the eletrical roller gap adjustment will help you set the straightening value when installing the coil feeding line.

Our self-developed program will adjust the straightening value automatically during one coil handling process, without an operator's work.

Video For Full Function Coil Processing Line